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4 in 1 Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool & Clippers

4 in 1 Fishing Quick Knot Tying Tool & Clippers

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Possibly one of the greatest fishing tools ever invented is a must have for every angler. The Tie-Fast Combo Fly Fishing Tool high-quality combo tool includes; very sharp snips great for cutting heavy line, a nail knot tool provides the simplest way to tie this tricky knot, an eye cleaning needle, convenient hook file and a hook hone for removing deeply set hooks.


Four-in-one strand to meet all your fishing needs.

The four-in-one sub-line function includes the following:

1.Built in line clippers to cut excess line

2. Built-in sharpener keeps the hook sharp

3. With an eye needle, you can clean the eye hole.

4. Built-in knotter to facilitate knotting of fishing line

5. Comes with fishing zinger retractor, easy to carry

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