Waddler Duck Lure

The innovative Otterk Waddler Duck Lure emulates a vulnerable duckling. Features multiple joints that gives it a life-like swimming motion just below the waters surface.

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Battle Prop Frogs

The Battle Prop Frog uses 2 propellers to churn accross the waters surface, to create disturbance as it swims.

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Bass Crusher Swimbaits

Our #1 selling swimbait, that swims like a real fish in the water. Featuring multiple segments to give a life-like appearance in the water.

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  • Amazing thank you!

    These lures have proven themselves to me time and time again, totally worth it.

    Pete Dayley 
  • Fish like these

    These ducks have been catching fish left and right. I highly recommend them.

    Ben Alazar 
  • Worth every penny

    These came in today and I have some free time so I went to try them out. Boom. Caught a nice peacock bass within 10 minutes of playing with these lures. They swim great in the water.

    Jordan Clark 
  • Like a real mouse

    I was skeptical on these, but man do they swim realistically. The best part is they have been consistantly catching bass.

    Dave Gilbert 
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