Otterk Multi-Jointed Realistic Baby Duck Lures


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 The innovative Otterk jointed duck lure perfectly emulates a vulnerable duckling, with its durable hard ABS body and ultra-realistic 3D finish. The  lures gives the appearance as if it is swimming beneath the surface in a lifelike manner, thanks to its two joints that mimic the motions. Equipped with razor sharp, feathered treble hooks at the backside. Big fish, real drama, and smashing, heart-stopping strikes what's not to love?

  • Designed with both a top and bottom hook hanger, so anglers can customize their presentation to match conditions.
  • Length:2.76in  Weight:0.35oz  Hook: #8 hooks feather
  • Multi-jointed for realistic swimming motion
  • Durable hard ABS body
  • Razor sharp, feathered treble hooks
  • Perfectly emulates a vulnerable duckling