Otterk Lures Wraith Series Jerkbait Mega Pack 10 Piece Set

The Otterk Lures Wraith Series Jerkbait is packed with features that will have predator fish streaking after and striking your lure like they just heard a dinner bell. Like a frightened baitfish, the Dagger gives off a tight, erratic wobble with a wide and random tail kick. Multiple interior ball bearings create a constant and loud rattle that attracts aggressive fish from out of their hiding places. These ball bearings also add weight for increased casting distances. Troll, jerk, or twitch it, the Wraith Series Jerkbait is about as versatile as a fishing lure can get.

  • Perfectly mimics a frightened baitfish
  • Tight, erratic wobble
  • Wide and random tail kick
  • Loud rattle attracts fish from all around
  • Ball bearings weight for longer casts
  • Troll it, jerk it, or twitch it
  • 4.3" in length

Comes with 10 lures at a price you can't afford to pass up.