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Otterk Zipp Shad swimbaits 4"

Otterk Zipp Shad swimbaits 4"

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The Zipp Shad represents a combination of trophy bass experience and painstaking design. Hand-poured, the body shape is inspired by the hull of a boat, with a sturdy design and directional fins to increase swimming stability. An extremely sensitive tail is designed to go into action with the slighted retrieve or current. 

  • Meaty profile
  • Feverish tail action
  • Ideal for high-pressure scenarios and clear water conditions
  • Hand poured with layered materials
  • Realistic reflective eyes
  • Ultra-realistic 2-tone color patterns
  • Super-thin paddle tail
  • Body compresses when bitten for increased hookup ratio
  • Come in packs of 6
  • 4" in length

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