Otterk Senko Worms Bass Fishing Soft Wacky Rig Worms (bag of 6)

Color (Bag of 6)
Dark Green
Get All 6 Colors (36 Worms Total)

Tested and proven the Otterk Senko stick bait has become a mainstay for bass throughout the United States. The senko worm falls through the water column, it has a unique ability to “quiver” as it travels, giving an irresistible presentation to any bass that might be lurking nearby. 

  • Life-Like color
  • Realistic quiver as it sinks through the water
  • Can be fished Wacky Rig, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, and Weightless Rig
  • Infused with Colorful Glitter
  • 5.5" in length
  • Choose from 6 of our best colors
  • Comes in a bag of 6 worms