Otterk Slinter Paddle tail Shad swimbaits 3.5"

yellow-clear belly
Clear-Fish Skin Reflective
Black-Clear Belly
Grey-fish skin Reflective
Get All 5 Colors (5 Bags 25 Lures)

With its meaty profile and feverish tail action, the Slinter Shad is a strong choice for pressured bass and clear water conditions. The Slinter Shads hand-poured, laminated body features molded-in gill and scale patterns, plus realistic hard eyes, for the best look possible. These are layered for an ultra-realistic 2-tone color pattern. A super-thin paddle tail produces a tight flickering action, producing natural vibrations. When bitten, the body compresses, resulting in increased hookups. Rig it on a jighead, weightless, or on a dropshot.

  • Meaty profile
  • Feverish tail action
  • Molded in gill and scale patterns
  • Ideal for high-pressure scenarios and clear water conditions
  • Hand poured with layered materials
  • Ultra-realistic 2-tone color patterns
  • Super-thin paddle tail
  • Body compresses when bitten for increased hookup ratio
  • Come in packs of 5
  • 3.5" in length