Otterk Splash soft frog fishing lures

Green 1
green 2
green 3
3 Pack Only 16.99 (Random Colors)

The detail here is astounding – you've never seen a hollow-bodied frog this realistic! The Otterk Splash Frog has detailed spots, ears, front arms, and bulging eyes. Its ultra-soft, yet durable, body offers better collapsibility for more hook-ups, and the weedless design lets you sling it into those water-thickets with confidence. Every topwater bass angler should have more than one Frog on hand!

  • Awesome detail
  • Hollow-bodied frog
  • Spots, ears, front arms, and bulging eyes
  • Ultra-soft yet durable body
  • Better collapsibility for more hook-ups
  • Foolproof weedless design
  • 12.5g (1/2 oz) Weight 
  • 5/5cm (2 in) length